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EEMUA on fighting duplex SS counterfeit products
14 December 2017

EEMUA has attended the Stainless Steel World Conference in Maastricht, where it presented at a Workshop on fighting counterfeit products. Counterfeit stainless steel components have caused a large number of incidents in recent years and present an increasing risk in the current cost-constrained business climate.... Read more...

Duplex pipe purging with QuickPurge
13 December 2017

When stainless steel, duplex steels or titanium pipes need to be welded in the process industries, they generally have to be purged of air and water vapour, in order to obtain the quality of weld demanded by such industries.... Read more...

Subcon scour mattresses with duplex ropes
11 December 2017

Subcon has been awarded a contract by Citic Pacific Mining (CPM for the design and supply of their high performance duplex steel rope installed scour systems for berth pocket stabilisation at the Sino Iron Terminal at Port of Cape Preston.... Read more...

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