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Duplex heat exchanger prevents corrosion

6 December 2018

The corrosion rate is an important indicator for assessing the corrosion resistance of metals. When the metal is subjected to corrosion, its weight, structure, shape, surface state, mechanical properties, etc.... Read more...

Duplex shale shakers for Russian drilling rig

3 December 2018

After a whole day packing and marking labels, GN recently shipped out one batch shale shakers and decanter centrifuges to equip the oil well drilling rigs in Russia.... Read more...

Duplex SS cladding for construction industry

29 November 2018

The South African stainless steel industry is in an early developmental stage with regards to construction and cladding, despite many architectural projects having been completed over the past few decades.... Read more...

Uses of duplex steel in the mining industry

26 November 2018

Steel has many applications in the mining industry because it is inexpensive and strong, but lightweight, corrosion-resistant, durable, and sustainable.... Read more...

Pre-plumb cylinders with duplex SS construction

23 November 2018

Kingspan has given all of its pre-plumb cylinder ranges a premium upgrade. Ultrasteel, Tribune HE and Tribune Xe pre-plumb models can now benefit from a superior quality Wilo pump as standard.... Read more...


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