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Energy-efficient urea plant in China
7 May 2018

Stamicarbon and Hubei Sanning Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd have signed a contract for the licensing of technology and the delivery of proprietary equipment for a grass root urea plant with a capacity of 2334 mtpd, to be built in Zhijiang, Hubei, China.... Read more...

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PurgExtra pipe weld purging system from HFT

11 February 2015

PurgExtra™ is the latest weld purging product range released by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT) for the weld purging of tubes and pipes from 1"–24" diameter. This range compliments the PurgElite® series, but in addition has extra purge gas inlets and corresponding exhaust ports.

Designed for the weld purging of Titanium in particular, as well as ultra-high-purity stainless steel joints, corrosion-resistant alloy welding and duplex steel joints, the PurgExtra™ series allows the operator to purge normally at first, and then, when conditions are correct, to introduce additional gas at high flow rates to create a much faster purge and a much more efficient removal of unwanted gases. PurgExtra system enables operators to achieve zero colour welds. The extra gas flow possible with PurgExtra models, purges out additional gases that are expelled by outgassing that occurs as the metal is being heated. The extra gas flow will prevent these expelled gases from combining with the hot metal and oxidising them, which causes the metal to discolour.

PurgExtra comprises two inflatable dams connected by a heat resistant highly flexible gas hose that has the unique IntaCal®II gas release system integrated. The IntaCal®II allows the dams to be inflated correctly and then releases the inert gas to safely purge the space between the dams. In the centre of the hoses between the dams, a strip of RootGlo material is adhered, allowing the welder to see clearly when the PurgExtra system has reached the correct position in the pipe.

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