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Hankook VTC125E, vertical turning centre
17 May 2016

NRG Special Products has recently offered greater productivity, reliability and precision with its Hankook VTC125E vertical turning centre DYLAN’s in-house mechanical production for components with CNC milling technology, therefore it is capable of offering its customers several processing steps, such as turning, facing, end milling and boring on only one machine, using computer numerical control (CNC).

In addition, the Hankook VTC125E can apply all types of bevels, produce spheres and process large diameters up to 1,600 millimetres.... Read more...

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Huntingdon Fusion anti-oxidizing Trailing Shields®

22 October 2015

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT Trailing Shields® are designed to prevent welds from oxidising or coming into contact with oxygen during their welding and cooling periods.

HFT Trailing Shields are available in flat format for sheet metal welding or curved format for welding circular items like tube, pipes and tanks. These shields are designed to fit onto all brands of TIG / GTAW and Plasma / PAW welding torches. HFT trailing shields offer faster welding, saves production costs, when welding stainless steels, duplex steels, titanium, zirconium, nickel alloys and other reactive metals. With the use of this simple, low cost accessory, oxidation and expensive post welding cleaning process is eliminated. These trailing shields give payback in less than one weld.

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