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Schwarze with CNC 220 HD delivers a solution to Framo
8 November 2019

With the CNC 220 HD, Schwarze-Robitec has now delivered a suitable solution to the Norwegian company Framo. The manufacturer of pump solutions for cargo offloading systems and oil and gas extraction processes now uses the reliable and highly robust tube and pipe bending machine for the fast and efficient production of custom-fit tube and pipe systems.... Read more...

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PurgEye® 300 Nano Monitor by HFT

16 June 2016

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT) has recently launched The PurgEye® 300 Nano Weld Purge Monitor®, a sensibly priced instrument for measuring Oxygen levels down to 10 ppm (Parts Per Million). Designed specifically for welding and quality personnel who are responding to the latest quality control standards for lower oxygen levels, this new Weld Purge Monitor® is suitable for weld purging of all Stainless, Duplex and Super Duplex steels as well as Titanium, Zirconium and Nickel alloys.

In addition to its use for the weld purging of tube and pipe joints, either with manual or orbital welding techniques, the PurgEye® 300 Nano can also be attached to welding chambers, boxes and enclosures to ensure that the internal atmosphere is reduced to 10 ppm of Oxygen or less.

Furthermore, this small, lightweight instrument is so accurate that it can be used to check the quality of weld purge gases at source as well as checking for leaks in gas purge lines to obtain the ultra clean, high purity weld joints that are in demand. This entry level, low cost instrument has no knobs, no buttons, no controls, pump, no moving parts and no programming so it is a truly plug and play, easy to use instrument for very accurate readings right down to 10 parts per million.

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