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Goebel rivets for duplex steel applications
5 July 2018

With thousands of applications, the rivet is one of the most versatile fastenings on the market and has been for centuries. As technology has improved, rivets and rivet guns have steadily become more safe and efficient.... Read more...

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Esco APS-438 trolley for duplex pressure vessels

29 September 2017

Esco Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts have introduced a saw and track system for accurately cutting pressure vessels up to 60″ dia. in preparation for hydrostatic testing and fabrication.

The Esco APS-438 air-powered Saw and WrapTrack® trolley lets operators rapidly cold cut vessels made from pipe schedules of P-91, super duplex stainless or other hard materials in 6″ to 60″ dia. with ±i/16″ accuracy to permit better bevels for subsequent welding. Capable of cutting a 24″ x 0.5″ wall vessel in 40 minutes, the saw is ideal for cutting a vessel cap after hydrostatic testing to allow beveling and welding the cap into another vessel.

The Esco APS-438 Air Powered Saw mounts rigidly in the WrapTrack® trolley uses four “V” grooved stainless steel roll guides. It has a 3 HP pneumatic motor, uses fiberglass reinforced abrasive blades capable of 4-3/4″ cuts.

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