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JINLUN exports duplex stainless steel forgings
6 August 2018

After successful productions of forging, heating, machining, ultrasonic flaw testing, spectral testing and dimensions checking, JINLUN has delivered the 1.4462 duplex stainless steel forged and machined hubs to Europe.... Read more...

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Ferralium 255-SD50 machining

03 May 2018

Langley Alloys has recently been approached by a Portuguese customer for machining guidelines for Ferralium 255-SD50.

As this high-strength super duplex stainless steel has been widely used for many years, machinists have developed appropriate feed and speed settings to handle this alloy. However, for this particular project, the client was keen to utilise the best available guidance and tooling. After reviewing the product brochure for Ferralium 255-SD50, the local Coromant Engineer suggested using the CoroTurn Prime system. Also, typical settings were recommended for the project: VC = 100m/min, FZ = 1.00mm/rpm, AP = 1.5mm, and Life = 15min. As a result, the project was successfully completed.

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