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The Stainless Steel Essentials Course
30 June 2020

The Stainless Steel World Essentials Course is a series of five one-hour webinars ideal for those for whom a basic knowledge of stainless steels is essential to perform well in daily work-related activities.... Read more...

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    Sandvik adds cold finishing tube line at Mehsana

    03 June 2020

    Earlier this year, Sandvik added a new cold finishing tube manufacturing line at its Mehsana mill, in Gujarat, western India. Created to meet the growing demand for special alloy tubes in India and Asia Pacific, the additional line doubles Mehsana’s cold working capacity to allow swifter delivery times across the region.

    The mill was originally built specifically for the production of heat exchanger tubing and other demanding industrial applications. Now in addition to heat exchangers, its clients are able to purchase advanced corrosion-resistant tube, pipe and hollows, which can be applied in process equipment in various industries, including petrochemical, oil and gas, chemical and fertilizer.

    The expansion of its product portfolio through an enhanced cold pilgering process can create a greater variety and quantity for its customers. The new cold working line focuses on tubes in austenitic, super austenites, duplex and nickel-based alloys, with an emphasis on straight or U-bent tubes for shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

    With an increased capacity of products and solutions for its local customers, the Sandvik Mehsana mill has set the standard for customer support, expertise and innovation.

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