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The Stainless Steel Essentials Course
30 June 2020

The Stainless Steel World Essentials Course is a series of five one-hour webinars ideal for those for whom a basic knowledge of stainless steels is essential to perform well in daily work-related activities.... Read more...

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    I, U and L profiles at one address

    22 June 2020

    Stalatube has manufactured high-quality duplex, lean duplex and stainless steel hollow sections and I-beams for many years. The company develops its product portfolio based on customer feedback, with non-standard sizes and speciality stainless steel materials happily catered for. The latest additions to the company’s product family are the result of repeated customer requests for stainless L- and U-profiles for demanding projects. The launch of Stalatube’s new, second production facility helps to fulfil these requests as a one-stop-shop for all  I-, L- and U-profile needs, as well as hollow sections, offering maximum convenience.  The welded I-beams and press braked L- and U-profiles come in a wide variety of size options, including custom dimensions. 
    A great way of driving down weight in various structures is to choose duplex or lean duplex, as their strength-to-weight ratio is outstanding. Reduced weight means not only lighter structures but also lower costs. The corrosion resistance, low maintenance needs and long life cycle of duplexes are also appealing features. For those not requiring several U or L pieces, individual items are also available.

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