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Kobe extends agreement with Nantong/Zhongxing Energy
12 October 2020

Kobe Metal has extended the exclusive agreement with Nantong Special Steel/Zhongxing Energy to include the North American, European, and Middle East markets.... Read more...

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    Duplex rebar from Ugitech

    12 October 2020

    Whether for multi-storey car parks, prefabricated concrete structures or constructions in the maritime sector: UGIGRIP® rebar is suitable for many applications in various industries thanks to its special properties. Bars and wire rods made of Ugitech duplex stainless steel have a high yield strength of over 500 N/mm² and meet the requirements of Eurocode 8, Class M for earthquake-resistant constructions. They offer improved fire resistance compared to conventional steel rebar and are therefore creep and stretch resistant – even at high temperatures. A low thermal conductivity of 15 W/(mK) prevents thermal bridges and minimises heat loss. The homogeneous steel surface and formation of the passive layer between the metal and the surrounding medium result in the maximum corrosion resistance of UGIGRIP® rebars. Extreme chloride loads, for example from de-icing salts or contact with seawater, cannot therefore harm these stainless reinforcing steels. 
    Customers benefit from these new steels grade in several ways: They can dispense with corrosion protection measures, minimise maintenance costs and considerably extend the service life of structures. Furthermore, it is also possible to realise lighter constructions by saving on concrete and reducing the concrete cover. 
    Ugitech offers UGIGRIP® rebars in different qualities. The company in the Swiss Steel Group recommends the three grades of duplex: 1.4062, 1.4362 and 1.4462, for use in structures prone to corrosion. These stainless reinforcing steels are also available as a non-magnetic variant for buildings with special requirements – such as airports or hospitals 

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